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Private Notary Services in Dubai

Comprehensive Online Notary Services with Amazon Attestation and Documents Clearing

Navigating the legal requirements for document notarization in Dubai can be complex and time-consuming. At Amazon Attestation and Documents Clearing, we offer comprehensive private notary services, including convenient online options, to simplify this process. Our services ensure that all verifications are conducted by a certified notary public in Dubai, providing you with legal assurance and peace of mind.

Private Notary Services in Dubai

Why You Need Private Notary Services

Notarization is a crucial step in validating the authenticity of your documents for various legal, business, and personal purposes. Our private notary services cover a wide range of needs, including:

  • Legal Documents: Contracts, affidavits, powers of attorney, and other legal instruments.

  • Business Documents: Company formation documents, shareholder agreements, and commercial contracts.

  • Personal Documents: Marriage certificates, educational certificates, and other personal documents requiring legal validation.

Online Notary Services

To enhance convenience and efficiency, we offer online notary services, allowing you to complete the notarization process from the comfort of your home or office. Here’s how our online services work:

  1. Document Submission: Submit your documents online through our secure portal.

  2. Verification: Our notary public will conduct all necessary verifications to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of your documents.

  3. Notarization: Once verified, the documents will be notarized by a certified notary public in Dubai.

  4. Delivery: Receive your notarized documents via email or arrange for physical collection or delivery.

Benefits of Our Private Notary Services

  • Convenience: Online services eliminate the need for in-person visits, saving you time and effort.

  • Expertise: Our team includes certified notaries public who are knowledgeable and experienced in handling various types of documents.

  • Security: We ensure the confidentiality and security of your documents throughout the notarization process.

  • Efficiency: Quick and reliable service to meet your urgent needs.

Types of Documents We Notarize

  • Legal Documents

  • Contracts: Verification and notarization of business and personal contracts.

  • Affidavits: Legal statements and declarations notarized for authenticity.

  • Powers of Attorney: Authorization documents notarized for legal use.

  • Business Documents

  • Company Formation Documents: Articles of incorporation, memorandums of association, and other formation documents.

  • Shareholder Agreements: Notarization of agreements between shareholders.

  • Commercial Contracts: Verification and notarization of business contracts.

  • Personal Documents

  • Marriage Certificates: Notarization of marriage certificates for legal use.

  • Educational Certificates: Validation and notarization of academic documents.

  • Other Personal Documents: Notarization of various personal documents as required.

How to Access Our Services

For secure and efficient private notary services in Dubai, including online notarization, contact Amazon Attestation and Documents Clearing today. Our professional team is ready to assist you with all your notarization needs.

  • Phone: +97143300011

  • Email:

  • office :  Dubai Dip and Al barsha 

Let us provide you with the legal assurance and convenience you need for all your document notarization requirements.

Amazon Attestation and Documents Clearing - Your Trusted Partner for Private Notary Services in Dubai

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