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Family visa uae

Are you searching for dependable assistance with family visa processing in the UAE? Your search ends here at Amazon Attestation and Documents Clearing ! Our dedicated team of experts is at your service, ready to simplify the intricate process of obtaining a family visa. From handling documentation to the submission process, we guarantee a smooth and hassle-free experience. Entrust us with your family visa applications, and rest assured, we will approach them with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. Contact us now for expert assistance!

New Family Visa

We can assist you in obtaining a family and dependent visa for the UAE, ensuring a hassle-free entry permit until the visa is stamped on your passport.

Family Visa Renewal

Our services extend to the renewal of family visas, allowing you to continue sponsoring your loved ones without any hassles.

family visa uae

Family Visa Services We Offe:

Family Visa Cancellation

Visa Cancellation UAE

 If the need arises, we can facilitate the cancellation of family visas efficiently and in compliance with regulations.

Family Visa Processing

We cover all aspects of family visa processing, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience for our clients.

Contact Us for family visa in UAE

Call or WhatsApp us at +971545820984 | +971565454049 | +971565454046 | +971565454043 | +971507942118 to get started on your family visa journey.

Required Documents for Family Visa Sponsorship in UAE

For the Sponsor:

1. Passport Copy
2. Visa Copy
3. Original Emirates ID
4. Marriage Certificate (Attested both from Home Country (if applicable) and UAE MOFA and should be translated into Arabic (if it was in another Language)
5. Ejari/Title Deed
6. IBAN No. (For the purpose of refund if any, mandatory)
7. Labour Contract

For the Applicant:

1. Original Passport
2. Visa Copy
3. Passport Size Photo (White Background)
4. Birth Certificate of the Kid (Attested both from Home Country (if applicable) and UAE MOFA and should be translated into Arabic (if it was in another Language)

Amazon Attestation and Documents Clearing is your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of family visa processing. With our family visa renewal services in the UAE, you can continue to sponsor your loved ones effortlessly. Get in touch with us now for expert visa assistance in the UAE!

Our Visa Services in uae Include:

  • Local Residency Visa 

  • Local Employee Visa

  •  Free Zone Visa 

  • Immigration/Establishment Card

  • Visa Stamping 

  • Visa Renewal 

  • Visa Cancellation 

  •  Labour Card Renewal 

  •  Health Insurance

  • Domestic Worker Visa 

  • Visa File Opening 

  • Entry Permit Visa 

  • Family Residency Visa 

  • Change of Visa Status

  •  Short and Long-Term Visit Visas (30,60,90 days)

  • Medical Application

  • Emirates ID Application

  •  Visa Stamping

We are your one-stop solution for all your visa and documentation needs in the UAE. Let us handle the complexities, so you can focus on what truly matters – your family.

Contact us today, and let's make your family visa journey a breeze!

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