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PRO Services fee in Dubai
Low Cost PRO Services in Dubai

Navigating the world of PRO services fee in Dubai can be a complex task, especially when you're balancing quality with cost. With Danburite, we bring a transparent pricing model that's budget-friendly without compromising on the quality of services. Here's a detailed breakdown of our PRO service fee in Dubai:

Our Offered Pro Services:

  • Pro Services in UAE

  • Documents processing and paperwork in UAE

  • Mainland Company Formation in UAE

  • Typing services in UAE

  • Housemaid visa assistance

  • Attestation of import and export documents

  • International visa application processing in UAE

  • Schengen Visa Application Processing In UAE

  • GCC Visa application processing in UAE

  • Embassy or consulate processing and paperwork in UAE

PRO Service Fees Breakdown in Dubai

Considering using PRO services fee in Dubai but concerned about the costs? Your solution is here with Danburite. We pride ourselves on providing top-notch services without denting your pocket.

Why choose us? Our commitment to exceptional quality remains unfazed, irrespective of our competitive pricing. Coupled with Amazon attestation and Documents clearing, our offerings are unparalleled. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the PRO service fee in Dubai:

Detailed Fee Structure:

General PRO Services fee:​

  • Document translations: AED 53 per page

  • Preparing Company stamp: AED 90

  • Company P.O. Box registration/Renewal: AED 700

  • RTA approvals and registrations: AED 500

  • DED approvals: AED 1,000

  • Sponsorship facilities starting from (UAE local): AED 5,000

Immigration and Visa Services:

  • Immigration Card Preparation/Renewal/Cancellation: AED 900

  • Labour card Preparation/Renewal/Cancellation: AED 900

  • E-Channel/Online Registration: AED 1,000

  • International visa services: AED 500

  • Housemaid visa assistance: AED 800

  • Employment visa/Visit visa/Investor visa: AED 700

  • Dependent Visa/Multiple entry visa issuance: AED 700

Company Specific Services:

  • Company registration: AED 2,500 to 10,000

  • License Renewal: AED 900 to 2500

  • Company Liquidation: AED 5000 to 10,000

  • Corporate restructuring services: AED 3,000

  • VAT certificate/VAT registration: AED 1,000

  • License amendments (Activity/Name/Partners/Location ETC.): AED 2,000 to 5,000

Additional Offerings:

  • Embassy or consular services: AED 200 Per Documents 

  • MOFA services: AED 250

  • GCC Visa application processing AED 250 

  • Schengen Visa Application Processing AED 250 

  • ... (list continues as provided)


Please be advised that the stated PRO fee in Dubai pertains exclusively to Amazon Attestation and Documents Clearing PRO services. This fee does not include any charges that might be levied by government entities. All government-related fee and charges are to be borne by the client separately. We recommend clients familiarize themselves with any additional government costs to ensure clarity and transparency in transactions.

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