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Certificate Attestation

Certificate Attestation

When it comes to certificate attestation, you need a reliable and efficient partner who understands the intricacies of the process. Look no further! Amazon Attestation and Documents Clearing is your go-to solution for comprehensive Certificate Attestation services. We specialize in attesting a wide range of certificates and documents issued by any authority in your home country, ensuring they are recognized and accepted in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Why Certificate Attestation is Essential in the UAE:

The UAE Government mandates that all educational certificates, whether professional or academic, originating from countries like India, Uk, Usa, must undergo a rigorous attestation process. This process involves attestation by the UAE Embassy or Consulate in your home country, followed by further attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the UAE Government before a UAE Visa can be granted. The UAE Government recognizes educational certificates attested by their Embassy and Consulate, provided they have also been attested initially by the Consular Section of the Ministry of External Affairs in your home country.

Our Comprehensive Certificate Attestation Services Include:

What Certificate Attestation Involves:

Certificate attestation is the process of validating a certificate by authorized persons, departments, or authorities with their official seal and signature. This attestation serves as confirmation that the specified certificate has been issued by the mentioned department and that the signature and seal on the certificate are authentic and valid.

Types of Certificates We Attest:
  • Board Certificates: Ensuring the authenticity of your educational board certificates.

  • Degree Certificates : Attesting to the validity of your academic degrees.

  • Diploma Certificates: Validating your diploma certificates.

  • Provisional Certificates: Confirming the authenticity of your provisional certificates.

  • Private Diploma: Ensuring the recognition of private diploma certificates.

  • Marriage Certificates: Attesting marriage certificates for various legal purposes.

  • Birth Certificates: Validating birth certificates, often required for documentation.

  • Death Certificates: Attesting death certificates for legal and official purposes.

  • Experience Certificates: Ensuring the authenticity of your work experience certificates.

  • Transfer Certificates: Validating transfer certificates for educational or employment purposes.

  • Medical Certificate / Report: Attesting medical certificates and reports as required.

  • Police Clearance Certificate (PCC): Validating police clearance certificates for immigration and legal processes.

  • Divorce Papers: Attesting divorce papers for legal documentation.

  • Power of Attorney: Validating power of attorney documents for various legal transactions.

Amazon Attestation and Documents Cleaning is committed to providing seamless and efficient certificate attestation services, allowing you to navigate the UAE's legal and administrative requirements with ease. Contact us today and let us take care of your certificate attestation needs, ensuring your documents are recognized and accepted in the UAE and beyond.

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