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Vanuatu Citizenship for UAE Residents: Your Gateway to a Second Passport

Vanuatu Citizenship for UAE Residents: Your Gateway to a Second Passport Starting at $130,000 The allure of a second passport has always captivated the global audience. But for UAE residents, the dream of obtaining dual citizenship can become a reality, thanks to Vanuatu's flexible Citizenship by Investment program

Vanuatu Citizenship for UAE Residents: Your Gateway to a Second Passport
Vanuatu Citizenship for UAE Residents: Your Gateway to a Second Passport

Vanuatu Citizenship for UAE Residents - A New Horizon of Opportunities

Globally, the trend of seeking second passports is on the rise, and the enchanting Pacific island nation of Vanuatu is increasingly becoming a popular choice. If you're a UAE resident eyeing a second passport, here's a comprehensive guide on acquiring Vanuatu citizenship.

Eligibility Criteria

Before delving into the specifics, let's first understand the prerequisites:

  • Applicants must be over 18 years old.

  • A clean bill of health is a must.

  • A criminal record? That's a strict no-no.

  • One must produce evidence of a legitimate source of income.

Pathways to Vanuatu Citizenship

Broadly speaking, there are two routes to obtaining citizenship in Vanuatu.

1. Citizenship by Naturalization

For those who prefer a gradual transition, after ten years of residency in Vanuatu, you're eligible to apply for citizenship. The bonus? Vanuatu doesn’t mandate a full-time residence and has warmed up to the idea of dual citizenship.

2. Citizenship by Investment

A lifeline came to Vanuatu in the form of this program post a devastating natural disaster in 2015. With the island nation needing a monetary infusion for its rehabilitation, it reinvigorated the citizenship by investment initiative. The procedure has evolved over time but remains one of the most uncomplicated globally. Awaiting your Vanuatu passport? If all goes well, expect it in just 45 to 90 working days

How much does it cost to get citizenship in Vanuatu?

The cost of obtaining citizenship in Vanuatu primarily depends on the route one chooses, especially if opting for the Citizenship by Investment program, the investment breakdown for Vanuatu Citizenship is:

  • Single Application: $130,000

  • Married Couple Application: $150,000

  • Family (with one child): $165,000

  • Family (with two children): $180,000

It's essential to note that these figures can change based on the government's policies, additional fees like due diligence fees, processing fees, and other related charges. Always consult with an expert or the official Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment program for the most updated and precise figures.

Embarking on the Vanuatu Citizenship Journey in UAE

Are you a UAE resident seeking a serene island escape in Vanuatu while also bolstering your global mobility? Look no further. Amazon Attestation and Documents Clearing is your trusted partner in this venture. From understanding the prerequisites of Vanuatu citizenship to handling meticulous paperwork, our team guarantees a seamless process.

For personalized guidance, and to begin your journey to Vanuatu's shores, reach out to us. 📞 Call: +97143300011 📱 WhatsApp: +971545820984 📧 Email: Embark on a voyage to Vanuatu, and let the tranquility of the island nation blend seamlessly with the myriad opportunities a second passport offers.

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