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How many days will take for Indian certificate attestation in UAE?

Indian Certificate Attestation in the UAE: A Timeline Breakdown

When relocating to a foreign country or undertaking business transactions across borders, it's imperative that your documents carry the seal of authenticity. This is where the attestation process comes into play. If you're an Indian expatriate in the UAE or a business entity planning to operate there, understanding the attestation process for Indian certificates is crucial. Let’s explore the timeline and steps involved in the attestation of Indian certificates in the UAE.

How many days will take for Indian certificate attestation in UAE?
How many days will take for Indian certificate attestation in UAE?

Why Attestation?

Attestation is a multi-step verification process that confirms the authenticity and legitimacy of your documents. For Indian-origin documents to be recognized in the UAE, they need attestation from various authorities in India followed by the UAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

Indian Certificate Attestation: A Step-by-Step Timeline

  1. Notary Attestation (1-2 days): The process usually begins with getting the document attested by a local notary in India. This is a preliminary form of verification.

  2. State Government Attestation (2-5 days):

    • For Educational Documents: These are attested by the State Education Department (for example, the HRD department for some states).

    • For Personal Documents (like marriage or birth certificates): These need attestation from the respective State Home Department.

  1. Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) Attestation (2-3 days): After state-level verification, the document is sent to the MEA in India, which provides its attestation.

  2. UAE Embassy Attestation in India (3-5 days): Once MEA attestation is done, the document requires attestation from the UAE Embassy or Consulate present in India.

  3. MOFA Attestation in the UAE (1-2 days): The final step involves getting the document attested by the UAE’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Only after this is the document considered valid for official use within the UAE.

Factors Affecting the Duration of Attestation:

  • Type of Document: Personal, educational, and commercial documents may have different attestation timelines.

  • State Regulations: Different states in India might have varying processing times.

  • Courier/Shipping Time: If you're sending documents from the UAE to India and vice versa, factor in the courier or shipping duration.


Typically, the entire process for attesting an Indian certificate for use in the UAE can take anywhere from 8 to 15 working days, depending on various factors. However, employing the services of professional attestation agencies can expedite the process and provide better clarity on the timeline.

If you have Indian documents that need an attestation for the UAE, reach out to Amazon Attestation at +971545820984. We ensure a smooth, efficient, and timely attestation process tailored to your needs.

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