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Comprehensive PRO Services Assistance in Dubai, UAE

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PRO Services Assistance for Government Transactions in Dubai

UAENavigating the complexities of government transactions and documentation in Dubai can be a daunting task for businesses. Amazon Attestation and Documents Clearing offers a comprehensive range of PRO (Public Relations Officer) services to assist businesses in efficiently managing their government-related requirements. Our services cater to all types of businesses, ensuring compliance and smooth operations in the UAE.

PRO Services Assistance for Government Transactions in Dubai
PRO Services Assistance for Government Transactions in Dubai

Our PRO Services in UAE and Dubai

Company Registration and Licensing

  • Government Approvals and NOCs: Assistance in obtaining necessary approvals and No Objection Certificates from government entities.

  • Ejari Application: Facilitating the process of registering rental agreements with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency.

  • Trade License Application and Renewal: Guiding businesses through the application and renewal of trade licenses.

Visa Services

  • Employment Visa Processing: Managing the entire process of obtaining employment visas for your staff.

  • Visa Renewal: Assistance with the renewal of various types of visas.

  • Family Visa and Partners/Employee’s Visa Cancellation: Handling family visa applications and cancellation of partner or employee visas.

Document Services

  • Document Translation to Arabic: Providing accurate translation services for business documents.

  • Notary Attestation: Assistance with the attestation of documents by the Dubai Notary Public.

  • Legal Translation and Power of Attorney Attestation: Offering legal translation services and attestation of power of attorney documents.

Company Formation and Amendments

  • Company Formation: Guiding through the process of new company formation in Dubai.

  • Annual License Renewal of Company: Managing the annual renewal of company licenses.

  • Activity Adding & Withdrawing, License Amendment: Assistance with adding or withdrawing company activities and amending licenses.

Additional Pro Services

  • Labour Card and Emirates ID: Handling new applications, renewals, and amendments for Labour Cards and Emirates IDs.

  • Chamber of Commerce Certificate, Import Export Code: Facilitating the issuance of Chamber of Commerce certificates and import-export codes.

  • Insurance, P O Box Registration, Bank-Related Assistance: Providing support for insurance, postal, and banking services.

  • Liaison with Government Departments: Acting as a liaison between your business and various government departments.

  • Regulatory Approvals and NOC Letters, Passport Clearance: Assisting with regulatory approvals, NOC letters, and passport clearance services.

  • Dubai Retirement Visa, UAE Golden Visa, Green Visa, Freelancer’s Visa: Guidance on applying for various specialized visas in the UAE.


At Amazon Attestation and Documents Clearing, we understand the importance of efficiently managing government transactions and documentation. Our comprehensive PRO services in Dubai and the UAE are designed to cater to all your business needs, ensuring compliance and smooth operations.

Need Assistance?

For assistance with any PRO services in Dubai and the UAE, contact Amazon Attestation and Documents Clearing at +971545820984, or visit our website at Our team is ready to provide you with tailored solutions, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience with all kinds of business support services.

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