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Comprehensive Guide to Employment Visa Processing in Dubai

Updated: May 6

Are you considering working in Dubai or hiring employees for your business in the UAE? Navigating the employment visa process can seem daunting, but with the right guidance, it can be a smooth and efficient experience. In this blog post, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about obtaining a work permit and employment visa in Dubai, from the requirements to the permit application process.

Your Comprehensive Guide to Employment Visa Processing in Dubai
Your Comprehensive Guide to Employment Visa Processing in Dubai

Understanding Employment Visa Requirements:

Before you begin the employment visa process in Dubai, it's essential to familiarize yourself with the requirements. Generally, the key documents and criteria include:

  1. Offer Letter: A formal job offer from a Dubai-based employer is necessary to initiate the visa process.

  2. Passport Copy: A clear copy of the applicant's passport, valid for at least six months.

  3. Passport-Sized Photos: Recent passport-sized photographs meeting the UAE's specifications.

  4. Medical Examination: A health check-up and clearance certificate from an approved medical center in Dubai.

  5. Educational Certificates: Attested by embassy or mofa copies of educational certificates or degrees, depending on the job role.

  6. Emirates ID Application: An application for the Emirates ID card, which serves as a national identity card for UAE residents.

The Employment Visa Dubai Application Process:

Once you have gathered all the necessary documents, the next step is to initiate the employment visa application process.

Here's an overview of the typical steps involved:

  1. Job Offer Acceptance: Upon receiving the job offer, the candidate must accept the offer formally.

  2. Entry Permit Application: The employer submits an entry permit application to the UAE's Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE).

  3. Medical Examination: The candidate undergoes a medical examination at an authorized medical center in Dubai to obtain a fitness certificate.

  4. Emirates ID Application: Simultaneously, the Emirates ID application is processed to obtain the mandatory national identity card.

  5. Visa Stamping: Once the entry permit is approved, the candidate's passport is stamped with the employment visa at the UAE immigration office.

How Amazon Attestation Can Assist You:

At Amazon Attestation and Documents Clearing, we understand the complexities of the employment visa process in Dubai. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing comprehensive support at every step of the way.

Here's how we can help:

  1. Document Verification: We ensure all your documents are complete, accurate, and attested as per UAE regulations.

  2. Application Assistance: Our team assists with filling out application forms, scheduling medical appointments, and coordinating with relevant authorities.

  3. Visa Processing: We handle the submission of visa applications and follow up with authorities to expedite the processing.

  4. Pickup and Delivery: Enjoy the convenience of our free pickup and delivery service for all your documents.

Contact Us Today:

Ready to embark on your employment journey in Dubai? Let Amazon Attestation be your trusted partner in navigating the visa process. Call us at +97143300011 or email to get started. With our expertise and personalized assistance, we'll make your employment visa process seamless and stress-free.

With Amazon Attestation and Documents Clearing, your employment visa dreams in Dubai are just a call away!

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