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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) and International Cooperation serves as the connecting link between the wise leadership and people of the UAE on one side and the whole World on the other side. The Ministry undertakes several responsibilities from the supervision of all Embassies representing UAE to entering bilateral agreements and pacts with other nations

In Addition to these responsibilities, The Ministry also handles verification and attestation of documents issued outside UAE and UAE issued documents to be used abroad.

“The Consular Services Department in the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) provides Attestation Service for all types of documents (commercial documents/ Study Certificates/ and other documents) as a measure to ratify the validity of stamp and signature on documents issued within or out of the UAE.”

In case the UAE has no embassy in the concerned Country, documents are to be approved by the concerned Country’s Embassy in the UAE. If the concerned Country has no Embassy in the UAE, documents are to be notarized by the Country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs accredited to the UAE.

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UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the final authority to authenticate a certificate. in order to get MOFA attestation first, you required to get UAE embassy stamp on your certificate from the country were certificate is issued. this is the step by step process and its confusing must of the time. so, here is the deal, we offer ultimate solutions for various types of certificate attestation from anywhere in the world.

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