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Dubai Family Residence Visa: Requirements and Process

Dubai, a city renowned for its opulent lifestyle and diverse cultural landscape, is a popular destination for expatriates from around the globe. Many expats, after establishing their lives in Dubai, seek to bring their family members to join them. The UAE government allows expatriates holding a residence visa to sponsor their family members. In this blog, we will delve into the requirements and process of obtaining a family residence visa in Dubai.

Eligibility for Sponsoring Family Members

To sponsor your family in the UAE, you need to hold a valid residence visa. This could be:

  • Work Visa: Sponsored by your employer.

  • Self-Sponsored Visas: Such as the Green Visa, Investor Visa, or Golden Visa.

Requirements for Dubai Family Residence Visa

1. Valid Residency Status

The sponsor must have a valid residency permit in Dubai.

2. Minimum Salary Requirement

The sponsor must meet a minimum salary requirement, which is subject to change and should be verified with the latest regulations.

3. Accommodation

The sponsor must have suitable accommodation to house the family members.

4. Health Insurance

Valid health insurance for the family members is mandatory.

5. Relationship Proof

Documents proving the relationship, such as marriage certificates for spouses and birth certificates for children, are required.

Documents Needed for Family Residence Visa

  • Sponsor’s passport and visa copy

  • Family members’ passport copies

  • Passport-sized photographs of family members

  • Sponsor’s Emirates ID

  • Proof of employment and salary certificate (for work visa holders)

  • Tenancy contract and Ejari registration

  • Health insurance documents

  • Attested marriage and birth certificates

The Application Process

Step 1: Entry Permit

Apply for an entry permit for your family members, allowing them to enter the UAE.

Step 2: Status Adjustment

Once the family is in the UAE, apply for a status adjustment to change their visa to a residence visa.

Step 3: Medical Fitness Test

Family members above 18 years must undergo a medical fitness test in Dubai.

Step 4: Emirates ID Registration

Apply for Emirates ID for the family members.

Step 5: Health Insurance

Ensure that the family members have valid health insurance coverage.

Step 6: Visa Stamping

The final step is to get the residence visa stamped on the family members’ passports.


Sponsoring your family for a residence visa in Dubai involves a series of steps and meeting specific requirements. It is a process that allows families to live together and enjoy the lifestyle that Dubai offers.

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