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How to set up spa center, massages center, professional care center business in Dubai-UAE.

How to setup?

If you are planning to start a professional care center license in Dubai and starting your own professional care center license is a great idea. People will always be in need of professional care treatments which ensures your business will never suffer and you will generate revenue at a good pace. However, there are some basic professional care center requirements in Dubai that an entrepreneur needs to follow for smooth set up of his / her business.

Basic Professional Care Center Requirements

  • The planning department of Dubai Municipality must approve the location of the professional care center
  • There must be a signboard placed in front of the professional care center .
  • The lighting used in the salon must be sufficient and the furniture used must be clean and proper.
  • As far as dressing chairs are concerned, beds, rooms they should meet the specific size of 1000 sqft to 3000 sqst length and strictly must not be less than that.
  • The height between the ceiling and the floor of the beauty salon must be more than 2.30m.
  • There must be a separate area designated for professional care center treatments like a body massage, foot massages, Moroccan bath, Jacuzzi, sauna, pedicure, manicure, hair removing, and henna designing. The size of each such area must be more than 3.50m x 2.50m with a proper partition.
  • There must be a wash basin near the area for facial treatments.
  • Fireproof materials must be made use of for preparation area for hair removing materials.
  • The most professional care centers necessarily have a water heater, bathroom, showroom for male or women’s in place.
  • There must be cupboards and drawers to keep cosmetics and towels
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Creative Massage Business Service

Type: Decide on whether you need a professional care center only or would you also be providing additional services like manicures, pedicures, hair straitening, and so on. Next, decide if you are looking to cater to a specific demographic. For example, a man’s only man or a women’s professional care center.

Permits: Make sure you have all the local permits and licenses like a basic business license, no objection certificate, and other such important certifications that are necessary for smooth conduct of your business. Be aware of the laws and regulations and it is also wise to invest in a good insurance policy that can protect your business against lawsuits.

If you plan to run your professional care center from your residential premises, you need permission from the Dubai Economic Development Department. If not, you can look to set up your business in an affordable location. Get in touch with us if you are looking to set up your business in Dubai. We look forward to hearing from you. COMPANY INFORMATION UAE, Business setup in Dubai.