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How to Start Restaurant Business in Dubai, UAE?

Restaurant Business – Get your Restaurant License In Dubai from DED for AED 22000 to 25000 range. Restaurant / Cafeteria business can be established on Dubai’s mainland 

How to Start Restaurant Business in Dubai, UAE- Restaurant Business setup - Restaurant License in Dubai

At the very outset, one has to understand that Dubai has devised a system called ‘Food Code’ for different categories of food businesses. Restaurants, cafeterias, and cafes belong to a certain category and therefore reflect a particular food code. Some of the other food businesses which require this tagging system are mentioned below.

  •  Restaurants built within supermarkets, grocery stores, or malls.
  • Mobile food providers / Kiosk vendors.
  • Food business within educational institutions and hospitals.
  • Bakeries and confectioners To start a restaurant business in UAE or Dubai the entrepreneur needs to decide on the type of the food business this entity intends to set up, and obtain a relevant food code. The next step is to get a trade license.
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Trade license for restaurant in Dubai is obtained through the Department of Economic Development (DED). As mentioned above the entrepreneur also needs to narrow down the category of food joint because the license mentions the relevant code. To start restaurant business in Dubai this step is mandatory. Therefore, it is suggested to fine tune the aspirations and not rush into multiple food codes.

Entrepreneur can then start developing/constructing the restaurant as per specified rules laid out by the Food Control Department of Dubai. Some of the important decrees to open a restaurant in Dubai include a space/distance of at least thirty meters between the proposed restaurant and the waste disposal hubs. This is typically demanded so that the food is not contaminated in any way. Yet another area which can terminate the proposed project is by not adhering to the drainage system rules and prerequisites. Therefore, the design and development team must religiously follow every rule of Food Control Department. This is were you can start your restaurant business easier and hussle free with AMAZON DOCUMENTS CLEARING.

Mentioned below are some of other stipulations when considering starting restaurant business in Dubai.
  • Proper ventilation for cooking area.
  • High quality kitchen equipment and storage vis-à-vis to process food.
  • The allocated space for kitchen and individual sections.
  • Use of stainless steel for washing, drying and storing utensils.
  • Suitable provision for emergency exit/s.
  • Fire prevention and handling equipment.

Entrepreneurs connected with restaurant industry also need to get restaurant business license in Dubai for food consignment release and permit for processing and serving pork. Whether you want to start restaurant business in UAE or Dubai a special license is required to serve liquor to customers. For the rest our well experienced AMAZON DOCUMENTS CLEARING will assist you.