Local Sponsor

Local Sponsor

Starting your business in the UAE requires a local sponsor or local service agent for your company This is one of the core issues. Call now: +971545820984, Affordable, Time-Saving, Hassle-Free, and 100% Transparent PRO Services in Dubai. Want to open a company on Mainland & Looking for a Corporate Local Sponsor with fees starting from 5k AED, Reach out to amazon documents clearing in the UAE

Historically the legislation in the Gulf States has only allowed partial ownership to ex-pat businessmen. The tide is now turning and a number of Gulf States are enacting legislation allowing 100% ownership to ex-pats. Even in the states that mandate majority shareholding in favor of their nationals, the attitudes are changing with a clear understanding that the national partner, usually called “The Local” or “The Sponsor”, is a sleeping partner and is there only to fulfill the legal requirement. 

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The sponsor has no rights on business management, turnover or profits. While the debate is raging in all Gulf States and there is a clear will to remove the sponsorship system, the wheels of the legal system turn rather slowly. The business opportunities, however, are abundant and cannot wait for the change in the sponsorship system.

We can assist you to capture these current opportunities by introducing you to silent, dormant, trustworthy partners. These are individuals with basic human decency. We have a stringent wetting procedure to assess the suitability of nationals as local partners. We only recommend credible individuals as sponsors who have a well-established track record of noninterference and unequivocally commitment to support the businesses of our ex-pat clients.

If you are considering sponsorship for your new business or are not satisfied with your current sponsor, we can advise you on how to navigate the maze. For confidential advice please call our specialist consultants.

Who is a Dubai local sponsor?

As per June 2021 Regulations, 100% foreign ownership of commercial and manufacturing licenses in the UAE is permitted. In order to set up a business here you will need an Emirati sponsor who can be either a sleeping partner against agreed annual remuneration and investor protection agreement provided by us or a service agent with 100% foreign ownership depending on what type of license your company needs by law.

If you want to start up in one of the free zones available, then no local sponsorship is needed for that process since it runs independently from mainland laws, and you are limited only within geographical boundaries set by yourself – they could be large or small, however, you desire!

By 2021 June regulations, if someone wants to establish their own LLCs (limited liability companies), 51% shareholding. This to be changed the law has changed in June 2021 so foreigners can register commercia/trading LLC and manufacturing licenses by owning them 100% without local need of local sponsors but there are still some commercial and manufacturing licenses require local sponsors to be 51% shareholders.

How to Find a Local Sponsor in Dubai?

When choosing a local sponsor – it’s important to be careful because if you choose the wrong sponsor, then your life will never again be as fulfilling or full of happiness. The locals, by default always have more power and control over everything than we do; they can call all shots that happen for our lives during this time period. This means that you’ll need someone who has been here before in order to get things done right away–and they’re usually not hard jobs either!

Amazon Documents clearing is here to help you find the best local sponsor in Dubai. Our team of experts will work with you to find the right person or company that can provide your desired services.

Dubai Local Sponsor Process

This service is aimed at speeding up the process of Local Business Sponsorship in Dubai and save a lot of time on investors registering a mainland license in Dubai UAE.

How does it work?

step 1: Once you have paid onetime for an annual Local sponsor fee, you will be sent All UAE local sponsor documents:

  1. Passport copy
  2. Emirates ID copy

step 2: You have to register your company name and apply for initial approval Online on DED website or through any typing service centers in Dubai such as Tas’heel or any others.

Step 3: Draft a Memorandum of association of LLC License through any typing center in Dubai such as Al Tawar center or Business Village near Dubai Clock Tower Diera and then notarize it at notary public, Local sponsor and partner has to be present to sign the MOA at notary or anyone authurized on their behalf, now you just need to rent office space or shop and do a final submission to DED or Tas’heel and get your License.

  • GDRFA and Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation Establishment Cards are required if you are planning to apply partner of employee visas and are applied for once the license is issued.
  • This service is do it on your own Dubai LLC registration (if you require License registration service through us then choose from the extra services) 

Do I get a chance to talk to the Local sponsor?

Yes, Absolutely he will contact you once you paid and send you the documents.

Can my local sponsor help or assist me if I need it?

You can talk to him and discuss your requirements directly with him.