INVESTOR VISA provides temporary residence to anyone making a significant contribution to the economy of UAE. Under this type of visa, the visa holder can stay for a maximum of three years in the UAE. For foreign nationals, one of the top advantages of obtaining an investor visa is that they are not required to pay tax in the UAE. Normally, this option is preferable for the foreigners who wish to invest or start their business in the United Arab Emirates. The Investor Visa is an authorization to live and work in UAE provided the holder abides by the laws and regulations during his/her stay in the country.

THE Investor Visa will be issued in the case of starting a business or purchasing a property in the UAE. However, an Investor Visa holder is not permitted to work as an employee for any company other than their own. The issuance of an Investor Visa involves a number of procedures, processes, special approvals and above all, time. As the most reliable visa service consultancy, we can assist you by appointing a dedicated professional who will stand in the queue on your behalf and get the process done in the minimum amount of time.